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+            'title' => "Providing mentoring and guidance to those who want to become open-source contributors",
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+<latemp_subject "Shlomi Fish Mentoring Others in Open Source/Open Content" />
+<latemp_more_keywords "open, source, open source, free software, free, software, mentoring, mentor, training" />
+I, <a href="$(ROOT)/">Shlomi Fish</a>, am willing to mentor newcomers with their
+first steps into the world of contributing to
+<a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/foss-other-beasts/">free and 
+open source software (FOSS) and free and open content</a>, whether in
+<a href="$(ROOT)/open-source/">my own projects</a> or in projects I'm
+not directly involved in. By mentoring I will provide guidance into how to
+contribute and assistance.
+Before contacting me, make sure you are serious about contributing and that
+you won't waste my time by asking me for help. If you are, then please
+pick a project you'd like to contribute to (it can be any project, but
+naturally I can provide more assistance with a project which I've been
+involved with) and <a href="$(ROOT)/me/contact-me/">contact me</a> via Instant 
+Messaging, as E-mail is far less effective for that.
+Until now, all the people who contacted me about mentoring them, have
+lost interest after contacting me and failed to produce anything substantial,
+but I still have not lost hope.
+<h2 id="thanks">Thanks</h2>
+Thanks to <a href="">Gabor Szabo</a> who sparked this
+<a href="">in his 
+blog Post "Perl projects for Newbies"</a>