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Add more ideas to Selena Mandrake.

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 a very stylised 1d10 die, and after opening the other compartment, she sees
 a plastic card saying "Vampire" on the side, with her ID photo, and saying:
 «Selena Mandrake ; "buffy" ; The Dispeller» on the other side.
+* The two British vampires.
+    - Selena is doing her maths homework at the library.
+    - "I'm Alan. I'm John. We're Mighty Vampires."
+        - "Selena Mandrake. Mighty Pirate.".
+    - The start talking about various pop culture stuff and funny things.
+    - end up emulating the suicide squad from "Life of Brian".
+        - with unsharpened pencils.
+        - "Selena Mandrake - we have been slain by you.".