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Add the page about networking clients to the navigation menu.

The section nav menu to be exact.

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                     text => "Text Processing Tools",
+                    url => "open-source/resources/networking-clients/",
+                    text => "Networking Clients",
+                    title => "Web browsers, FTP clients, Instant Messaging (IM) clients, File sharing applications and more",
+                },
+                {
                     url => "open-source/resources/how-to-contribute-to-my-projects/",
                     text => "How to Contribute to My Projects",

File t2/open-source/resources/index.html.wml

 template systems.
+<h3><a href="networking-clients/">Networking Clients</a></h3>
+A list of some prominent networking clients: web-browsers, E-mail clients,
+Instant Messaging (IM) clients, Microblogging clients, FTP clients etc.
 <h3><a href="">The “Better SCM” Initiative</a></h3>