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Add the countdown fortune.

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File t2/humour/fortunes/fortunes-shlomif-ids-data.yaml

       date: 2009-12-14T16:42:47Z
       date: 2011-12-27T19:59:29Z
+    sharp-perl-countdown: 
+      date: 2012-11-14T13:36:41Z
       date: 2012-05-03T19:39:54Z

File t2/humour/fortunes/sharp-perl.xml

+    <fortune id="sharp-perl-countdown">
+        <meta>
+            <title>The Final Perl Countdown</title>
+        </meta>
+        <irc>
+            <body>
+<me_is who="GumbyPAN">CPAN Upload: App-Countdown-v0.0.3 by SHLOMIF</me_is>
+<me_is who="rindolf">nuzzles GumbyPAN</me_is>
+<saying who="thrig">when is 0.0.2 coming out?</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">thrig: 0.0.2 of what?</saying>
+<saying who="thrig">rindolf: THE COUNTDOWN!</saying>
+<saying who="stan_">the final one?</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">thrig: it was released earlier today. ;-)</saying>
+<saying who="thrig">what sort of countdown goes up?</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">thrig: the Merlin countdown.</saying>
+<saying who="huf">one in soviet russia?</saying>
+<saying who="apeiron">perlbot, in soviet russia</saying>
+<saying who="perlbot">apeiron: joke is tired of you</saying>
+<saying who="sjohnson">heh</saying>
+<saying who="reisio">thrig: the kind parsed by Opera</saying>
+<me_is who="GumbyPAN">CPAN Upload: App-Countdown-v0.0.4 by SHLOMIF</me_is>
+<saying who="thrig">!</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">thrig: s/App-Countdown/App-Countup/</saying>
+            </body>
+            <info>
+                <channel>#perl</channel>
+                <network>Freenode</network>
+                <tagline>Count von Countdown</tagline>
+            </info>
+        </irc>
+    </fortune>

File t2/humour/fortunes/ver.txt