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 them are in a usable condition.
-<h2 id="black-hole-solitaire-solver">“Black Hole” Solitaire Solver</h2>
+<h3 id="black-hole-solitaire-solver">“Black Hole” Solitaire Solver</h3>
 Solvers for
 in a Row Solitaire</a>, which are variants of Patience.
+<h3 id="lm-solve"><a href="$(ROOT)/lm-solve/">LM-Solve</a></h3>
+An automatic solver for <a href="">Logic Mazes</a>
+written in Perl.
 <h2 id="website-meta-lang"><a href="website-meta-language/">Website META Language</a></h2>
 An implementation of it for POSIX Threads, which can also be used as a
 reference implementation.
-<h2 id="lm-solve"><a href="$(ROOT)/lm-solve/">LM-Solve</a></h2>
-An automatic solver for <a href="">Logic Mazes</a>
-written in Perl.
 <h2 id="yjobs-on-mozilla"><a href="<rellink url="open-source/projects/yjobs-on-mozilla/" />">Workaround to Get Working with Firefox</a></h2>