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+* The Master
+    - "Call me 'Karl'".
+    - "I always thought the Master would be Karl the Great"
+    - "You're Charlemagne, admit it."
+    - "Idiot, you've discovered my identity and I shall now parish. Selena
+    Mandrake - I have been slain by you."
+    - his soul leaves his body and gives his body.
+    - Selena touches his corpse with her foot and the body evaporates into
+    dust.
+        - The crowd cheers.
+* "You now must slay The Rider, the Vampirella with the oldest body ; the
+Integrator, the Vampire with the same body and same soul ; and The Slayer,
+the first vampire to have slain."
+* "Only a Vampire can slay a vampire, and vampirellas are the most formidable
+* "Tell you what - I'm no longer The Slayer. I quit"
+    - The Guide: "As you wish."
+    - A crazy looking woman heads into their direction with a knife in her
+    hands.
+        - Selena freaks out and hides behind the Guide.
+        - The Guide pulls out a cross bow and shoots the woman in her heart
+        and she evaporates into dust.
+    - "That was the Slayer"
+    - "Selena: so you slew her?"
+    - "The Guide: no, you did."
+* The Guide gives Selena a gift in a fancy chest. The first compartment contains
+a very stylised 1d10 die, and after opening the other compartment, she sees
+a plastic card saying "Vampire" on the side, with her ID photo, and saying:
+«Selena Mandrake ; "buffy" ; The Dispeller» on the other side.