Shlomi Fish avatar Shlomi Fish committed 4e6b02d

Add XML-GrammarBase to the section nav menu.

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 META_SUBSECT_DEPS = $(SECTION_MENU_DEPS) lib/Shlomif/Homepage/SectionMenu/Sects/
 PUZZLES_DEPS = $(SECTION_MENU_DEPS) lib/Shlomif/Homepage/SectionMenu/Sects/
 $(T2_DEST)/philosophy/Index/index.html : lib/article-index/article-index.dtd lib/article-index/article-index.xml lib/article-index/article-index.xsl
 $(T2_DEST)/me/resumes/Shlomi-Fish-Heb-Resume.html: lib/pages/t2/heb_resume.xhtml
 generate_nav_data_as_json: $(NAV_DATA_AS_JSON)
-$(NAV_DATA_AS_JSON): $(NAV_DATA_DEP) $(NAV_DATA_AS_JSON_BIN) lib/Shlomif/Homepage/NavData/
 	./$(NAV_DATA_AS_JSON_BIN) -o $@


-  next_id: 323
+  next_id: 324
     '': 1
     DeCSS/: 288
     open-source/projects/Spark/mission/: 154
     open-source/projects/ 145
     open-source/projects/XML-Grammar/: 146
+    open-source/projects/XML-Grammar/Base/: 323
     open-source/projects/XML-Grammar/Fiction/: 147
     open-source/projects/black-hole-solitaire-solver/: 138
     open-source/projects/conf/: 159


                             url => "open-source/projects/XML-Grammar/Fiction/",
                             title => "A lightweight markup language and an XML grammar for writing Prose.",
+                        {
+                            text => "XML-GrammarBase",
+                            url => "open-source/projects/XML-Grammar/Base/",
+                            title => "Base classes and roles for XML grammar processors",
+                        },
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