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 <latemp_subject "Black Hole Solitaire Solver" />
-This is a Perl CPAN distribution to solve
+This is a solver, written in C, to solve
 <a href="">the
-Solitaire variant called "Black Hole"</a>. It provides a command line
-application that after being fed with a layout will emit the cards to move
-to the "black hole" (the foundation).
+Solitaire variant called "Black Hole"</a>. It provides a portable C library,
+and a command line application that after being fed with a layout will emit 
+the cards to move to the "black hole" (the foundation).
 <h2 id="download">Download</h2>
-<a href="">Download
-Games-Solitaire-BlackHole-Solver from the CPAN</a>
+<set-var ver="0.2.0" />
+<set-var arc="black_hole_solver-<get-var ver />.tar.xz" />
+<set-var sqlite_dump_arc="black_hole_solver.dump.xz" />
+<set-var sqlite_dump_url="<get-var sqlite_dump_arc />" />
+<a href="<get-var arc />"><get-var arc /></a> - requires <a href="">CMake</a> to be built.
+<a href="">The Games-Solitaire-BlackHole-Solver CPAN Distribution</a> - an older version of the
+solver written as a proof-of-concept, which produces identical results, but
+is much slower and consumes more memory.
+<a href="<get-var sqlite_dump_url />"><get-var sqlite_dump_arc /></a> - results
+from running the solver on the first 1 million PySolFC deals - inside the dump
+of an <a href="">SQLite</a> database. 
 <h3 id="download-solving-data">Solving Data</h3>
 <a href="">Freecell Solver</a> and
 <a href="">other Solitaire