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 age), promising guard at the des Essarts' company of guards, who was a big
 fan of me and my stories about what happened in the bible, and he asked me,
+[Showing the couch]
 dArtagnan: Milady, what's the matter? [ TODO , translate to French ]
+Milady Kate: nothing [crying].
+dArtagnan: something is obviously the matter. Why are you crying?
+Milady Kate: OK. The other women think I killed my husband because I'm now
+no longer grieving and seems happy.
+dArtagnan: well, it's not true. You can be sad and happy at the same time for
+two different things.
+Milady Kate: yes. yes.
+dArtagnan: let me tell you this [takes her hands]. It's OK to receive insults,
+it's OK to be offended, but you need to know that ultimately the other person
+is just being a dick or a bitch or whatever, and that you should not get them
+to hurt you. You're better than that.
+Milady Kate: M. d’Artagnan, you are quite wise for your age.
+d’Artagnan: thank you, Milady. I will not let it go to my head.
+[They both smile.]
+Kate’s voice: d’Artagnan and I became good friends: I taught him English
+and the Bible, and he told me of some of the things he learned as a minor
+noble, and what happened at the Guards. We ended up falling in love and having
+an affair, and while we did not go public about it, we did not really hide
+it and pretty soon everyone knew, and many single people were jealous
+or envious of us. But we didn't care.
++++: another thing I should tell you about is the Queen. She was a beautiful
+woman, but needy and jealous and wanted the King, Louis XIII, to love her,
+without her doing anything about it. The King and the Cardinal despised her
+for her incompetence, which made her feel even more deprived of love that she
+deserved. I sometimes had to provide support for some of her maids, who
+were offended by her abuse, and ended up giving them dArtagnan's advice,
+which I noticed had quickly made them lose their job.