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Add more to Selena-Mandrake.

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         - She was born in 20 February.
         - Meleyum
             - A small, non-human demon with "powerful mystical powers".
-            - Jewish
+            - Selena asks him what to put on his name tag, and he tells her
+            “Mephiqoleth”. She asks him how he spells it and he says: "my
+            name is written in Leshon Haqodesh (לשון הקודש).
+                - “You mean Hebrew?”
+                - Yes. <non-dramatically>I'm Jewish</non-dramatically>
+                - But you're not human.
                 - "There are Jews of many species".
+                - Selena: oh good, can I have a Jewish lady cat? I want one
+                so she can mother cute Jewish kittens.
+                - Mephiqoleth is not amused.
             - "Selena, you are now eight and ten years old - you are now a
             - She asks him to wait for spring break so she'll have enough
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