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Updated gringotts-patch for the new version of the patch.

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 #include '../template.wml'
 <subject "The gringotts-shlomif Patch" />
+<b>Last Updated:</b> 14-February-2005.
 <define-tag patch_fn whitespace="delete">
 <define-tag link_to_patch endtag="required" whitespace="delete">
 Allow it to compile against recent versions of the Gtk+ library. (tested 
-against Gtk+ 2.4.9). So far it does that by undeffing GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED
-in one of the files.
+against Gtk+ 2.4.9). This is done by porting the API calls to the new ones.
+Allow it to compile with stricter gcc flags. 
+(<tt>-Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Werror-implicit-function-declaration</tt>)
 Add keyboard shortcuts to the menus, so you can press Alt+F+S to save a file,
 relicense the patch along with the rest of Gringotts if he sees fit.
+<h2>Older Versions</h2>
+<a href="gringotts-shlomif-patch-rev2.diff">Revision 2</a>