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 I originally wrote this story as a way to digest the many things I learned
 by reading the <a href="">Neo-Tech</a> material
 my father had previously bought. I believe it serves as a pseudo-mathematical
-proof  that the Hizbulla and similar organizations are as irrational as they
+proof that the Hizbullah and similar organizations are as irrational as they
 can be.
 Heaven is Paved with Bad Intentions</a>.
-<h2 id="text-in-heb">Hebrew Version (Original)</h2>
-<a href="The-Enemy-Hebrew-v7.html">HTML (Read Online)</a>
+<a href="The-Enemy-Hebrew-v7.html"><b>Hebrew HTML</b> (Read Online)</a>
-<h2 id="text-in-eng">English Translation</h2>
-<a href="The-Enemy-English-v7.html">HTML (Read Online)</a>
+<a href="The-Enemy-English-v7.html"><b>English HTML</b> (Read Online)</a>
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-Please send your comments to my E-mail address:
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