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Modified the Template to spread across two hosts.

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 <define-tag rellink>
-<if <match "%0" "^http://" action="report" /> "%0" "$(ROOT)/%0" />
+<preserve url />
+<preserve host />
+<set-var %attributes />
+<set-var host=<if "<get-var host />" "<get-var host />" "t2" /> />
+<if <match "<get-var url />" "^http://" action="report" />
+    "<get-var url />" 
+    <ifeq "$(SERVER)" "<get-var host />"
+        "$(ROOT)/<get-var url />"
+        "http://<get-var host /><get-var url />"
+    />
+<restore host />
+<restore url />
 <define-tag navbarlink>
-<set-var l="<rellink "%0" />" />
+<preserve host />
+<set-var %attributes />
+<set-var l="<rellink url="%0" host=<get-var host /> />" />
     ;;; Determine if %0 matches this document
     <ifeq "$(FILENAME)" "%0"
     "<a href="<get-var l />">%1</a>"
+<restore host />
 <define-tag humour:navbar>
 <define-tag oss:navbar>
 <ul class="navbarnested">
-<li><navbarlink "<vipe:url "freecell-solver/" />" "Freecell Solver" /></li>
+<li><navbarlink "freecell-solver/" "Freecell Solver" host="vipe" /></li>
 <li><navbarlink "jmikmod/" "MikMod for Java" /></li>
-<li><navbarlink "<vipe:url "rwlock/" />" "FCFS RWLock" /></li>
-<li><navbarlink "<vipe:url "lm-solve/" />" "LM-Solve" /></li>
-<li><navbarlink "<vipe:url "quadpres/" />" "Quad-Pres" /></li>
+<li><navbarlink "rwlock/" "FCFS RWLock" host="vipe" /></li>
+<li><navbarlink "lm-solve/" "LM-Solve" host="vipe" /></li>
+<li><navbarlink "quadpres/" "Quad-Pres" host="vipe" /></li>
-<li><navbarlink "" "Lectures" /></li>
+<li><navbarlink "lecture/" "Lectures" host="vipe" /></li>
 <li><navbarlink "DeCSS/" "Opinion on DeCSS" /></li>
 <li><br /></li>
 <li><navbarlink "links.html" "Cool Links" /></li>
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