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Added the text of the FAQ and integrated it with the rest of the site.

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             'subs' =>
+                    'url' => "meta/FAQ/",
+                    'text' => "FAQ",
+                    'title' => "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers List (FAQ)",
+                },
+                {
                     'url' => "meta/site-source/",
                     'text' => "Site's Source",
                     'title' => "The source code used to generate this site",


 <dl class="hilight">
+<dt><a href="FAQ/">FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions List</a></dt>
+<dd>A list of frequently asked or answered questions and answers</dd>
 <dt><a href="how-to-help/">How to Help</a></dt>
 <dd>Do you like this site? Here are some ways you can help me.</dd>
 <dt><a href="site-source/">Site Source</a></dt>
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