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 <a href="">John Allen Paulos</a> - 
 a mathematics professor who wrote two books about the connection between
 mathematics and philosophy and humour. Both are very recommended reads,
-and "The Enemy" is littered with Mathematical Logic exits<br />
+and "The Enemy" is littered with Mathematical Logic exits.


-VER = 0.6.57
+VER = 0.6.58
 DIST_BASE = fortunes-shlomif


      <rindolf>  merlyn: Chuck Norris wrote Perl 6 in a day but then
                 destroyed all evidence with his bare hands, so no one
                 will know his secrets.
-    FreeNode's #perl6.
+    -- FreeNode's #perl.
+     <rindolf>  ajs: perhaps Chuck Norris would be a useful addition to
+                the Pugs and Parrot teams.
+         <ajs>  rindolf: If Norris can write, give him a commit bit, and
+                tie him to a keyboard ;)
+  <FurnaceBoy>  I thought he already had commit
+       <daxim>  Chuck Norris commits with a roundhouse kick into the SVN
+                server's head
+             *  FurnaceBoy chuckles
+         <ajs>  daxim: If you can get that to pass the test suite, then
+                more power to you!
+  <FurnaceBoy>  Chuck *is* the test suite
+     <Kattana>  chuck norris does not code, when he sits at a
+                computer, it just does whatever he wants.
+     <rindolf>  Kattana: :-)
+       <daxim>  ah, we're easy to amuse
+         <ajs>  Be the test suite, Chuck... BE the test suite.
+  <FurnaceBoy>  you gotta pass 'make chuck'
+    Chuck Norris Perlsixifies at FreeNode's #perl6 channel.


 [21:11] *** __You changed nick to dazjorz
 "(God) is my favourite fictional character." - Homer Simpson
+You should learn several new words everyday--eventually you will forget how to 
+speak so others can understand you.
+    Yaakov on Freenode's #perl