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Linked to the Windows Vista and MySQL pages.

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File lib/Shlomif/Homepage/SectionMenu/Sects/

                     'url' => "open-source/anti/apple/",
                     'title' => "Against Apple, Mac OS, etc.",
+                {
+                    'text' => "Against Windows Vista",
+                    'url' => "open-source/anti/windows-vista/",
+                    'title' => "A collection of links against Windows Vista",
+                },
+                {
+                    'text' => "Against MySQL",
+                    'url' => "open-source/anti/mysql/",
+                    'title' => "A collection of links detailing MySQL Problems",
+                },

File t2/open-source/anti/index.html.wml

 <latemp_subject "Pages against Using Various Software" />
-These are pages against using various software that may be commonly used,
-but sucks badly and should not be used.
+These are pages that concentrate links against various software.
 <h2>The Pages themselves</h2>
 <h3><a href="./apple/">Against Apple Inc.</a></h3>
+<h3><a href="./windows-vista/">Against Windows Vista</a></h3>
+<h3><a href="./mysql/">Against MySQL</a></h3>
 <h2>Links to other Anti-Stuff</h2>
 <a href="">The Freshmeat Editorial 
-"What is Wrong with Make?"</a> by Adrian Neagu and its sequel 
+"What is Wrong with Make?"</a> by Adrian Neagu and its sequel
 <a href="">Make Alternatives</a>.
-<a href="">Stop the Autoconf 
+<a href="">Stop the Autoconf
 Insanity</a> by Andrew McCall.