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 have and who you are, despite all the haters.
+<h2 id="dont_just_go_with_the_flow">Don’t Just Go with the Flow - Act Now!</h2>
+I read somewhere, that while the survival mechanism of animals and plants
+operates automatically, the survival mechanism of humans operates
+<b>by choice</b>. We must choose to use our
+<a href="">consciousness</a>
+(which some people refer to as “sentience” to distinguish from awareness)
+and see what we do now. “Going with the flow” (like only dead fish do!)
+or claiming you are just “a product of your environment” is not a good idea:
+act now, move something, make decisions, because the worst possible mistake
+is to not do anything at all. Initiate stuff.
+If I didn't take the time to work on my home site, it would have not grown
+to a tenth of the size it is today. And I started with some spartan pages
+written in very old HTML with some mathematical riddles, and a C.V. and stuff.
+Now my home site is positively huge and people can spend days on end reading
+everything I've placed there, and also adding more and more stuff there
+is easier for me out of practise. A lot of people have been jealous (i.e:
+wishing what I created was created by me) or envious (i.e: wishing to destroy
+what I did) but I knew better than to be permanently set back by them.
+You too can have a wonderful home page, or become a good martial artist, or
+write great fiction, or learn how to cook very well, or simply lead a happy
+life full of wonder, love, and happiness. But it means you have to lead your
+life by choosing to think, making decisions and acting - not let nature
+take you in its random ways the way it sees fit.