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Added the idealism-vs-stubbornness fortune and fixed a typo there.

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 There's no point in keeping an idea to yourself since there's a 10 to 1
-chance that somebody already hasit and will share it before you.
+chance that somebody already has it and will share it before you.
+He has a high degree of idealism, a high degree of stubbornness, and an even
+higher degree of inability to distiniguish between the two.
+<div class="indent">
+I originally thought of something similar to that about 
+<a href="">Richard M. Stallman</a> who headed the
+<a href="">Free Software Foundation</a> and its GNU 
+project since it's inception. He is known for his radical and uncomprising 
+views that combine both idealism and just plain stubburness. Otherwise, he's
+a great and noble guy, and I had the opportunity of meeting and talking 
+him during his visit to Israel. (he is much more pleasant in real life than
 <h3><a href="wysiwyt.html">IRPWUG announces project "What you see is what you think"</a></h3>