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       date: 2010-04-22T14:41:28Z
+    misbehaving-printers:
+      date: 2013-08-08T09:43:29Z
       date: 2013-05-24T12:36:35Z
       date: 2009-12-14T17:06:02Z
       date: 2013-08-03T09:40:52Z
+    what-sharp-sharp-programming-is-all-about:
+      date: 2013-08-08T09:43:29Z
       date: 2013-08-03T09:40:52Z

File t2/humour/fortunes/sharp-programming.xml

+    <fortune id="misbehaving-printers">
+        <meta>
+            <title>Misbehaving Printers</title>
+        </meta>
+        <irc>
+            <body>
+<saying who="cousteau">damn printer...  it&#39;s made like 4 fubared copies</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">jamming all the time, having to remove an accordion-shaped paper each time</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">turns out there was another sheet jammed, but it was hidden and the printer wasn&#39;t detecting it</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">i wonder if printers will still jam paper in the year 3000</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">maybe it&#39;s a paradox of physics</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">a fluke in nature</saying>
+<saying who="`Gin">I think its more down to the fact printer companies have been milking their cash cow dry, £10 in R&amp;D each year. etc.</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">maybe some day paper will become obsolete, then there will be no problem anymore</saying>
+<saying who="`Gin">There are still employees at my job who would prefer to print an email out, read it and then reply to the email.</saying>
+<saying who="`Gin">I don&#39;t have much hope for that dream pulse :P</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">that&#39;s just stupid :P</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">pulse, how in the hell would printers work BETTER in the future?</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">the more intelligent they become, the more stupid things they&#39;ll do!</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">the machine rebellion will start with printers, it&#39;s a known fact</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">I suppose the equivalent of paper jam with a 3d printer can get really messy</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">heh</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">&quot;we cannot access the printer, it is inside a large blob of solidified plastic&quot;</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">&quot;the first maintenance team went in, but that was 2 days ago, and we are preparing a rescue mission&quot;</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">maybe they could produce the paper in the process</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">maybe they&#39;ll print you a hologram</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">lol</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">koollman,</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">cousteau: yes, but that one would auto-reproduce, which is much more scary ;)</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">although I guess a very advanced printer could print itself, it&#39;s the goal of reprap-like systems</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">nothing a giant emp wave wouldn&#39;t fix</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">koollman: heh.</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">maybe the 3D printer accidentally gets programmed with printing a 3D copy of itself, and that copy turns out to be already programmed with the same program</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">haha</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">3D printer fork bomb!</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">:)</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">Heh.</saying>
+<saying who="keepsake">Ah, replicators.</saying>
+<me_is who="koollman">remembers actually using a postscript &#39;bomb&#39;</me_is>
+<saying who="cousteau"> an unrelated note, the :(){... forkbomb doesn&#39;t work on the `dash` interpreter</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">it says that : is not a valid function name</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">so you can fool your friends by trying to convince them that the forkbomb doesn&#39;t work</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">cousteau: that&#39;s not to hard to modify, although the result will be less obscure. or is it that it doesn&#39;t support recursion ?</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">koollman, replace : with F and you have a working one</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">ok, so just the character is forbidden as a name. a bit sad</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">or with _</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">_ works, it&#39;s still quite hard to read :)</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">with _, if you tilt your head, it looks like a toilet on top of a tree</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">that&#39;s some vivid imagination</saying>
+<saying who="wei2912">lol</saying>
+<saying who="cousteau">or a chair or something</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">pulse: shell programming may have unexpected side-effets ;)</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">like waking up in a mental asylum</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">? :)</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">nah. But I do remember making very bad jokes about zombie processes, reapers and clones</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">hmm</saying>
+<saying who="koollman">I woke up as a sysadmin, too. that may partially qualify</saying>
+<saying who="pulse">lol</saying>
+            </body>
+            <info>
+                <channel>##programming</channel>
+                <network>Freenode</network>
+                <tagline>I blame Gutenberg</tagline>
+            </info>
+        </irc>
+    </fortune>
+    <fortune id="what-sharp-sharp-programming-is-all-about">
+        <meta>
+            <title>What ##programming is all about?</title>
+        </meta>
+        <irc>
+            <body>
+<saying who="christos_">hey</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">christos_: hi.</saying>
+<saying who="Znoosey">hello</saying>
+<saying who="christos_">we have topic here?</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">christos_: /topic</saying>
+<saying who="kimochiwarui">christos_: Ummm... programming? :-O</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">christos_: anyway, we discuss programming and other stuff.</saying>
+<saying who="Znoosey">christos_: the general topic seems to be type safety</saying>
+<saying who="Znoosey">&gt;_&lt;</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">Znoosey: and Java questions.</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">Help with Java homework.</saying>
+<saying who="Znoosey">rindolf: ah yes</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">From people who cannot indent correctly.</saying>
+<saying who="Znoosey">rindolf: hahaha</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">Znoosey: :-)</saying>
+<saying who="Znoosey">rindolf: the most amusing was the other day, when some guy posted his code on one line in here, so i asked him to pastebin it, and he did... still all in one line</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">Znoosey: heh.</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">Znoosey: Java golf!</saying>
+            </body>
+            <info>
+                <channel>##programming</channel>
+                <network>Freenode</network>
+            </info>
+        </irc>
+    </fortune>

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