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Shlomi Fish  committed 72ddc73

Add a new Chuck Norris factoid.

Thanks in part to ZadYree.

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 אלהים הוא צ'אק נוריס, עבור ערכים גבוהים מאוד של אלהים.
+Chuck Norris can become root on OpenBSD. By using nothing but /bin/echo.
+(<b>ZadYree</b> and <b>Shlomi Fish</b>).
 <facts__header_tabs id_base="chuck_facts" h="Chuck Norris Facts" />
 <h2 id="license">Copyright and Licence</h2>

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       date: 2013-09-08T16:37:34Z
       date: 2013-09-19T14:38:44Z
+    shlomif-fact-chuck-64:
+      date: 2013-09-20T11:12:32Z
       date: 2010-01-28T12:43:24Z

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+      <fortune id="shlomif-fact-chuck-64">
+          <meta>
+              <title>Shlomi Fish’s Chuck Norris Fact #64</title>
+          </meta>
+          <quote>
+              <body>
+                  <p>
+                      Chuck Norris can become root on OpenBSD. By using nothing
+                      but /bin/echo.
+                  </p>
+              </body>
+              <info>
+                  <author>ZadYree and Shlomi Fish</author>
+                  <work href="http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/bits/facts/Chuck-Norris/">Chuck
+                      Norris Facts by Shlomi Fish and Friends</work>
+              </info>
+          </quote>
+      </fortune>
       <fortune id="shlomif-fact-soviet-russia-1">
               <title>In Soviet Russia #1</title>

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