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Added the rest of the favourite FOSS to the favourite FOSS page. Deleted
them from the TODO.

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     - Mandriva
     - MikMod
-* Add to the favourite FOSS:
-    - youtube-dl.
-    - Qclam.
-    - OpenSSH.
-    - ClamAV.
-    - Amarok
 Long Term:

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 <h3 id="xmms"><a href="http://www.xmms.org/">XMMS - The X Multimedia System</a></h3>
-A WinAmp clone for X-Windows, that is better than the original.
+A WinAmp clone for X-Windows, that is better than the original. <b>Note:</b>
+I've lately switched to <a href="#amarok">Amarok</a>. XMMS is still useful
+on underpowered machines or outside KDE.
 <h3 id="mplayer"><a href="http://www.mplayerhq.hu/homepage/">MPlayer</a></h3>
 Illiminable's on the other hand work well out of the box.
+<h3 id="youtube-dl"><a href="http://www.arrakis.es/~rggi3/youtube-dl/">youtube-dl</a></h3>
+I often get reffered to or find videos on 
+<a href="http://www.youtube.com/">YouTube</a>, but they are relatively
+inaccessible, because of my Linux configuration. But using youtube-dl, I can
+easily download the video files to my home computer, where I can conveniently
+play them using <a href="#mplayer">MPlayer</a>, and also keep them on my hard 
+disk for prosperity. Highly recommended.
+<h3 id="amarok"><a href="http://amarok.kde.org/">Amarok</a></h3>
+Amarok is a superb music player for <a href="#kde">the KDE desktop 
+environment</a>. It's the best music player I've encountered so far with many
+nice features, and very good customisability. Also see 
+<a href="http://shlomif.livejournal.com/9563.html">what I wrote about it on
+my blog</a>.
 <h2 id="office">Office</h2>
 <h3 id="latex"><a href="http://www.latex-project.org/">LaTeX</a></h3>