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Extract a common <tagline /> macro.

This is to avoid the display of it in the nav-menu.

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File lib/stories/stories-list.wml

+<define-tag tagline>
+<preserve text />
+<set-var %attributes />
+<h2* id="tagline"><get-var text /></h2*>
+<restore text />
 <define-tag the_enemy_summary>
 <define-tag selina_mandrake_common_top_elems>
-<h2 id="tagline">Caught between Post-modernism and the New Age</h2>
+<tagline text="Caught between Post-modernism and the New Age" />
 <selina_mandrake_logo />
 <define-tag summerschool_at_the_nsa_common_top_elems>
-<h2 id="tagline">As the sling shoots, grown men will cry</h2>
+<tagline text="As the sling shoots, grown men will cry" />
 <h2 id="abstract">Abstract</h2>

File t2/humour/human-hacking/index.html.wml

 <latemp_subject "The Human Hacking Field Guide" />
 <latemp_more_keywords "open, source, open source, free software, foss, floss, hacking, hacker, female geeks, hackers, story, novella, humor, humour, creative commons, cc, female hackers, english, hebrew, los angeles, california" />
-<h2* id="tagline">Who said girls can’t code?</h2*>
+<tagline text="Who said girls can’t code?" />
 <hhfg_logo />