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     + - cygwin
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-* Add XML::RSS to the external FOSS contributions.
+* Add to the external FOSS contributions:
     - LoggedFS.
     - QClam.
     - Mandriva
     - MikMod
+    + - XML::RSS
 Long Term:

File t2/open-source/contributions/index.html.wml

 I wrote the so-called gradient-fu patch, which adds Procedural Database (or
 PDB) handlers to manipulate gradients. This patch was written and re-written
 for several versions of the GIMP, and was finally integrated in the 2.1.x
-branch (which will lead to GIMP 2.2.0), with some help by Michael Natterer.
+branch (which has lead to GIMP 2.2.0), with some help by Michael Natterer.
+<h2 id="xml-rss"><a href="">XML::RSS - a
+CPAN Module for Processing RSS</a></h2>
+After running into an XML::RSS bug, I submitted a patch for it, which was
+eventually integrated. I noticed the module had many open tickets, so I
+submitted patches to fix bugs (while adding regression tests to make sure
+they wouldn't be re-introduced). When I started contributing, the module in
+general suffered from poor code quality and a low test coverage. Together
+with the maintainer, I have gradually remedied the issues from which the
+module suffered.
+In 4 January 2007, I received 
+<a href="">a
+grant from The Perl Foundation to continue working on XML::RSS</a>. In
+accordance with the grant, I increased the test coverage of XML::RSS to 100%
+and then heavily refactored and cleaned up the module's code. As a result, the
+code quality of the module has heavily increased and it was made safer and more
+amenable for future changes.