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 Cortext), I wrote the first part of the story in a paper notebook I had, and
 when I read it to this friend and his younger brother (whom I was also friends
 with), they gave a pretty good review and it served as the basis for all
-further versions of the story.
+future versions of the story.
 Aside from Perl and UNIX, I also dealt extensivley with early versions of
-HTML (not a spectacular technology, but got the job done), some basic
-JavaScript, even before
+HTML (not a spectacular technology, but got the job done), as well as some
+basic JavaScript, even before
 <a href="">Dynamic
 HTML</a> and
 <a href="">AJAX</a>, to say
-nothing of more recent trends, and which was still quirky and buggy, some
+nothing of more recent trends. This JavaScript was still quirky and buggy
+even for its limited functionality. I have also dealt with
 Java applets, <a href="">miniSQL</a> (now
 largely superseded by MySQL and later some other SQL databases), various
 pieces of software from the GNU archive (from its old FTP location at, the Apache web-server, and a lot of other software for
 UNIX and Windows.
+I recall that the GNU site seemed like an FTP site with lots of cool software
+that came from source, and which I knew was free to download, compile
+and use, but did not delve too much into its <a href="">Free
+(as in speech) and open source software (FOSS)</a> ideology, and did not
+care too much. I knew miniSQL was shareware with source, and understood I can
+use the GNU software without paying, but it took some time for me to get to
+the bottom of the whole “Free-as-in-speech Software” ideology.