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Add the Hebrew versions of the name pronunciation.

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 prefer it to be pronounced with the stress on the “mi”, albeit I also answer
 to people who pronounce it the other way around. My version is the correct
 Biblical pronunciation. You can hear me pronounce it in
+(<a href="sounds/How-I-pronounce-Shlomi-Fish-Hebrew.ogg">Ogg</a>,
+<a href="sounds/How-I-pronounce-Shlomi-Fish-Hebrew.mp3">mp3</a>)
+and in <b>English</b>
 (<a href="sounds/How-I-pronounce-Shlomi-Fish-English.ogg">Ogg</a>,
-<a href="sounds/How-I-pronounce-Shlomi-Fish-English.mp3">mp3</a>,
-<a href="sounds/How-I-pronounce-Shlomi-Fish-English.wav">WAV</a>)
+<a href="sounds/How-I-pronounce-Shlomi-Fish-English.mp3">mp3</a>)
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