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 ;;; To add:
 * Postfix TDG
 * Refactoring by Fowler.
-* Programming Pearls.
 * More Programming Pearls.
 * The Pragmatic Programmer - From Journeyman to Master.
 * The Algorithm Design Manual.
+                    <prod id="programming_pearls">
+                        <title>Programming Pearls</title>
+                        <isbn>0201657880</isbn>
+                        <creator type="author">Jon Bentley</creator>
+                        <desc>
+I've heard this book mentioned in several places before buying it and reading
+it and it did not disappoint me. This book is really great, with
+interesting coverage of interesting programming and computer science-related
+topics. It has an extensive discussion of optimising code, which I
+appreciated, being very interested in it (see:
+<a href="">my essay
+about it</a> ), and lots of other
+interesting stuff. The second edition was updated for modern times, and feels
+quite fresh.
+Bentley mentions in the book that he has written a book called "Writing
+Efficient Programs" which is now out-of-print with some techniques for
+optimising code. I was saddened to hear that it is indeed out-of-print,
+because I’dliked to read it. He does give a summary of the book in an
+The book contains many exercises, most of which I’ve mentally thought about,
+but did not actually solve using the computer. Otherwise, I enjoyed
+reading this book and can wholeheartedly recommend it.
+                        </desc>
+                    </prod>