Shlomi Fish avatar Shlomi Fish committed 8983490

Modularised the disqus enabling/disabling.

I considered enabling disqus but then noticed it executes code from
google-analytics, which would be unacceptable.

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 <br />
+<set-var global_disqus_enabled_var="" />
+<define-tag should_display_disqus whitespace="delete">
+<if "<get-var global_disqus_enabled_var />"
+    "<latemp_mynot "<get-var disable_disqus />" />" />
 ;;; For the Hebrew layout.
-# <if "<get-var disable_disqus />" "" "<disqus_thread />" />
+<if "<should_display_disqus />" "<disqus_thread />" />
 <share_this_button />
 # <google_adsense_code_after_text />
 ;;; For the div class=hebrew.
 <if "<get-var rtl_layout />" "</div>" />
-# <if "<latemp_mynot "<get-var disable_disqus />" />" "<disqus_javascript />" />
+<if "<should_display_disqus />" "<disqus_javascript />" />
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