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File bin/

 find dest/t2-homepage/ -name '*.html' -or -name '*.xhtml' |
     ( LC_ALL=C sort  ) |
-    perl -lne 'print if 1..m#\A\Qdest/t2-homepage/philosophy/philosophy/advice-for-the-young\E#' |
+    perl -lne 'print if 1..m#\A\Qdest/t2-homepage/philosophy/philosophy/index.html\E#' |
     grep -vP 'dest/t2-homepage/philosophy/obj-oss/objectivism-and-open-source/' |
     grep -vP 'philosophy/foss-other-beasts/revision-2/' |
     grep -vP 'guide2ee/undergrad' |

File lib/hunspell/whitelist1.txt


File t2/jmikmod/

 This package was developed on the JDK v. 1.0.2 on an i386-Linux. I
 tested it and it compiled on JDK 1.1.x, but with many warnings about
-"depracated" API functions.
+"deprecated" API functions.
 To play sound through the audio driver, one needs to write a native
 Java extension in C. The archive contains the code for a Linux

File t2/philosophy/philosophy/closed-books-are-so-19th-century/index.html.wml

 Cathedral and the Bazaar” series of essays</a> (an older version of which was
 also published as a paperback book). <a
-from the howto:
+from the guide:

File t2/philosophy/philosophy/guide-to-neo-tech/index.html.wml

 I believe many statements mentioned there are wrong or out of date, while I
 still accept the general essence of Neo-Tech. However, Neo-Tech is not meant
-to be the absolute truth, and in fact tends to depracate using the word
+to be the absolute truth, and in fact tends to deprecate using the word
 either not understand what is going on there, or to have false ideas about it.
 After you have fully read them, you may need time to digest them. <b>Preaching
 about them, is not a good idea</b>, because they are <b>not meant to be
-preached</b>. Instead, they are meant to be practiced.
+preached</b>. Instead, they are meant to be practised.

File t2/philosophy/philosophy/index.html.wml

 <latemp_subject "Shlomi Fish’s Writings about General Philosophy" />
-These are essays I wrote about general philsophy - life, the universe and
+These are essays I wrote about general philosophy - life, the universe and
 whatever between them.