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 On 5-April-2009, I received the following message from Google AdSense:
 Title: Google AdSense Account Disabled
 While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense
 account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since
 keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage our
 advertisers in the future, we've decided to disable your account.
 Please understand that we consider this a necessary step to protect the
 interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers. We
 realize the inconvenience this may cause you, and we thank you in advance
 for your understanding and cooperation.
 If you have any questions about your account or the actions we've taken,
 please do not reply to this email. You can find more information by
 The Google AdSense Team
 I went to the page, filed an appeal and got the following response (sent
 <div style="direction:rtl; text-align:right;" xml:lang="he-IL">
 אנו מודים לך על שהעברת אלינו ערעור בנושא השבתת חשבון AdSense. הודעה זו מאשרת
 שקיבלנו את הערעור ששלחת.
 נשתדל לבדוק את את חשבונך בהקדם, אך בהתחשב בהיקף הבקשות המופנות אלינו, ייתכן
 שיחלפו 48 שעות או יותר עד שנענה. כמו כן תגובתנו יכולה להתעכב, אם שלחת את בקשתך
 במהלך סוף השבוע. בנוסף שים לב שערעור על השבתת חשבון AdSense אינו מבטיח שהוא
 כתזכורת, אם יש לך שאלות לגבי חשבונות שהושבתו בשל פעילות מודעות לא חוקית, עיין
 בסעיף 'שאלות נפוצות לגבי חשבון מושבת בשל פעילות לא חוקית'.
 תודה על הסבלנות וההבנה.
 בכבוד רב,
 צוות Google AdSense
-Original Message Follows:
-Subject: Invalid Activity Appeal
-Date: Sun, 05 Apr 2009 20:02:58 +0000
+Original Message Follows:<br />
+------------------------<br />
+From:<br />
+Subject: Invalid Activity Appeal<br />
+Date: Sun, 05 Apr 2009 20:02:58 +0000<br />
-01_Origin: helpcenter
-02_FormType: appeal_form
-03_Language: en
-04_AdSenseLocale: en_US
-07_Name: Shlomi Fish
-10_PubId: pub-2480595666283917
-11_ExampleUrl: ,
-12_DisablingMonth: Apr
-13_DisablingDay: 5
-14_DisablingYear: 2009
-15_AlreadyAppealed: no
-16_OtherAccount: no
+01_Origin: helpcenter<br />
+02_FormType: appeal_form<br />
+03_Language: en<br />
+04_AdSenseLocale: en_US<br />
+05_IP:<br />
+06_ctx:<br />
+07_Name: Shlomi Fish<br /><br />
+08_CompanyName:<br />
+09_AdSenseLogin:<br />
+10_PubId: pub-2480595666283917<br />
+11_ExampleUrl: ,<br />
+12_DisablingMonth: Apr<br />
+13_DisablingDay: 5<br />
+14_DisablingYear: 2009<br />
+15_AlreadyAppealed: no<br />
+16_OtherAccount: no<br />
+17_OtherAccountList:<br />
 18_WebAudience: It's my personal homepage, so people who arrive at its  
-various resources: pages about software, stories and aphorisms, technical  
-presentations and essays.
-19_UserGeography: My site is mostly written in English and appeals to  
-International surfers. I get traffic from many countries.
+various resources: pages about software, stories and aphorisms, technical
+presentations and essays.<br />
+19_UserGeography: My site is mostly written in English and appeals to 
+International surfers. I get traffic from many countries.<br />
 20_UserAccessMode: I haven't checked, but expect mostly from homes,  
-offices, universities and other schools.
+offices, universities and other schools.<br />
 21_ScrapedContent: None, except limited quotations and some pages that  
-became offline and were preserved on my site.
-22_ContentSources: It's almost entirely my own.
-23_NumAdmins: Only I.
-24_UpdateFrequency: Normally, a few times a week.
-25_BoughtTraffic: no
-26_UsePayTo: no
+became offline and were preserved on my site.<br />
+22_ContentSources: It's almost entirely my own.<br />
+23_NumAdmins: Only I.<br />
+24_UpdateFrequency: Normally, a few times a week.<br />
+25_BoughtTraffic: no<br />
+26_UsePayTo: no<br />
 27_TrafficSources: From search engines, and links in news sites/blogs. I  
 promote recent features of my sites on my weblogs, in news sites such as and and to a lesser extent as blog  
-comments on other people's blogs.
+comments on other people's blogs.<br />
 28_AdvertiserValue: My site has a lot of high-quality content, and attracts  
-many visitors.
-29_UserIncentive: Don't think they would.
-30_ViolatedTerms: No.
+many visitors.<br />
+29_UserIncentive: Don't think they would.<br />
+30_ViolatedTerms: No.<br />
 31_InvalidActivity: On April's Fools' Day 2009, I published the following  
 feature on my site:
 It got featured on Slashdot here:
 (And possibly other sites).
 I suspect that it may have increased the traffic to my site (at least  
 temporarily) significantly, which as a result got erroneously classified as  
 suspicious activity.
 32_SuspiciousData: I don't think there was, but I'm going to go over the  
 logs from March and April, just to be sure.
 The Hebrew tells me that they'll try to inspect my account soon, but that
 I have received at least two payments from Google from my ad revenue and was 
-happy about that, but I lost all the revenue starting from the last payment, including
+happy about that, but I lost all the revenue from the last payment, including
 that generated by the "Mastering cat" feature, which has significinatly 
 increased the number of hits on my site on 1 of April.
 web-masters like me so badly, and lack so much efficiency (despite the
 fact that their motto is "don't be evil."), especially on the service
 that brings them the most revenue.
 <p><a href="">See comments and comment on this.</a></p>