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 you, and cause you a lot of aggravations.
+<h3 id="how_did_you_learn_english">How did you learn English?</h3>
+Well, I am Israeli-born, but my parents moved to the United States when
+I was one years old until I was five years old (first to
+<a href="">Dallas, Texas</a>,
+and then to
+<a href=",_Maryland">Rockville,
+Maryland</a>, where I spoke English with the fellow children. However, after
+I returned to Israel at the age of five, the children there ridiculed me
+for my English, and, as a result, I did not want to speak it, and so forgot
+most about it, and just spoke Hebrew (which is my mother language).
+After that, I had to regain English much more painfully as I learned it
+at school, and from other sources such as
+<a href="">computerised Adventure
+games</a>, books, films, Television shows, and the Internet. Shortly after
+high school, I felt that my English has dramatically improved. Nonetheless,
+looking back at my English text from a few years back, I cringe at how bad
+it was, and am still being told that some of my writing is non-idiomatic by some
+native speakers.
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