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 I’m also known as “shlomif” or on the IRC as “rindolf”.
+<h4 id="origin_of_rindolf">What is the origin of your “rindolf” IRC nickname?</h4>
+Rindolf “Woman-hands” [Forgot the last name] was a Dwarven warrior I
+played on a series of
+<a href="">Ad&amp;D 2nd edition</a> sessions,
+and one of my favourite tabletop Role Playing Games characters of at all times.
+I probably picked up the name by analogy with such Germanic-originated names
+as <a href="">Randolph</a>
+or <a href="">Rudolph</a>,
+but I'm not sure if "Rin" means anything in Germanic languages, but it has a
+nice ring.
+The first IRC nickname I used was “dori” after one of the dwarves in
+Tolkien’s <a href="">the Hobbit</a>,
+and later on decided it was a common name, so I switched to “gloin”, the name
+of a different dwarf. Then I wanted something more original, so I chose
+“Rindolf” and the name stuck.
+If I were able to change it again, I would have picked “shlomif” for my IRC
+career, because it is my handle almost everywhere else, but now everyone
+on IRC know me as “rindolf” so I feel it's too late (not to mention that,
+in my impression, it is common and accepted to use a pseduonym on IRC, to
+show some creativity).
+The running joke we have on IRC, is that Rindolf is the evil twin brother
+of Santa Claus’s goody-two-shoes reindeer, Rudolph and Randolph, who are
+among his arch-enemies. Rindolf is also one of the cornerstones of the
+Evil Reindeer Evil Conspiracy, with the evil aim to the spread
+the Reindeer Evil all over the world. You can find some of the manifestations
+of this joke in
+<a href="$(ROOT)/humour/fortunes/">the IRC conversations quoted on my fortune
 <h3 id="refer_or_address">How should I address you or refer to you?</h3>