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 * Add "Online Communities" to the essays nav menu.
-* Add the missing pages in the humour section nav-menu.
 * Style the section navigation menus better.
 * Structure the lectures better.
 * Add more essays I wrote to the Essays Index.
-* Add the Better SCM logo to the Computer Art section.
 * Fix the link to the /-URL bug that causes links to seem unavailable.
 * Link the Hebrew Errors Page to the main one.
 * Add my Wikipedia contributions into the "Contributions to FOSS projects".
 * Revamp the Math-Ventures site and re-write the formulae in TeX, MathML 
     - Solve the "On the tip of the sword" puzzle.
     - Explain the solution of the other puzzles.
+* Humour:
+    - Add the "I like Job Control".