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 essays</a> (some of which are somewhat outdated),
 <a href="$(ROOT)/humour/">my works of humour and fiction</a> (which are
 arguably both more serious, and not as funny as my essays),
-<a href="$(ROOT)/me/blogs/">the posts on my blogs</a>,
-<a href="">my Twitter feed</a>, and other Internet
+the posts on my <a href="$(ROOT)/me/blogs/">blogs</a>,
+<a href="">my <b>Twitter</b> feed</a>, and other
 <a href="#shlomif_on_the_web">social media outlets</a> where I have posted
-For some attempts at codifying Rindolfism see:
+For some attempts at codifying Rindolfism, see:
-Rindolf the Dwarf was nicknamed "Woman-hands" because his hands were as
+Rindolf the Dwarf was nicknamed Woman-hands because his hands were as
 delicate as a female dwarf.