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Added File-Find-Object to the external contributions.

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 changes were incorporated into version 0.4 of LoggedFS.
+<h2 id="file-find-object"><a href="$(ROOT)/open-source/projects/File-Find-Object/">File-Find-Object</a></h2>
+File-Find-Object is a CPAN module, originally created by 
+<a href="">Olivier Thauvin (Nanardon)</a>,
+which allows one to traverse a directory tree, and solves some inherent
+limitations in the perl 5 core File::Find module. I started contributing
+to this module after its 0.0.2 release, and did most of the work on it
+since, including a lot of refactoring, bug fixing, and feature addition.
+More recently, I worked on File-Find-Object-Rule, which is
+a port of File-Find-Rule to File-Find-Object. This in turn provides
+a convenient, declarative interface to File-Find-Object overcoming the
+philosophical limitations of File::Find.