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 On the IRC, I generally use <a href="#origin_of_rindolf">the nickname “<tt>rindolf</tt>”</a>.
-<h3 id="spent_on_the_site">How much Time Do you Spend on this Site?</h3>
+<h3 id="spent_on_the_site">How much time do you spend on this site?</h3>
 A lot. I spent several hundreds of hours on the site, possibly several
 When I became a student in the Technion, I moved my site to its undergraduate
 server at the address . There I added more
-and more resources to the site. I had a limited quota there, and when I got
+and more resources to the site. Here is
+the site <a href="$(ROOT)/meta/old-site-snapshots/">as of 1998</a>. I had a
+limited quota there, and when I got
 an account on “vipe”, a server managed by the students, I hosted part of
 my home site there as well, as . The
 two parts of the site had cross-links to one another.
 <a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/books-recommends/">many
 philosophical influences</a>, I’ve been exposed to, which I feel made my
 thinking process straighter and more logical. Some people take many common
-“truisms” for granted, but I can demonstrate they are wrong.
+“truisms” for granted, but I can often demonstrate they are wrong.
 <a href="">the clip on YouTube</a>.
+Note: I now converted to using « ; It takes
+Summer Glau exactly a minute to write a rebuttal like in xkcd: “Venting”, and
+she would sign it as Chuck Norris.  ( <a
+)», which is part of my activism to promote the
+<a href="$(ROOT)/humour/Summerschool-at-the-NSA/"><i>Summerschool
+at the NSA</i></a> screenplay and Ms. Glau.
 <h3 id="obscure_email_addr">Why don’t you obscure/hide your email address?
 People can spam you.</h3>