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Add a fortune cookie.

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       date: 2009-10-31T14:11:54Z
       date: 2008-07-04T09:17:01Z
+    sharp-reddit-shout: 
+      date: 2013-05-02T09:00:50Z
       date: 2011-04-01T16:29:50Z


+    <fortune id="sharp-reddit-shout">
+        <meta>
+            <title>SHOUT!!</title>
+        </meta>
+        <irc>
+            <body>
+<saying who="abba">it&#39;s thrax!</saying>
+<saying who="abba">fuck, this place is quiet now</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">abba: SHOUT!! SHOUT!!! LET IT ALL OUT!!!!</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">These are the things I can do without.</saying>
+<saying who="abba">COME ON!</saying>
+<saying who="thraxatron">shh abba i&#39;m observing</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">abba: I&#39;m talking to you.</saying>
+<saying who="abba">&lt;3 tears for fears rindolf</saying>
+<saying who="thraxatron">wasn&#39;t that a disturbed song</saying>
+<me_is who="abba">facepalms</me_is>
+<saying who="thraxatron">i had that album</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">abba: :-)</saying>
+<saying who="abba">sure, disturbed may have covered it</saying>
+<me_is who="rindolf">is listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama.</me_is>
+<saying who="abba">but that&#39;s like saying creep is your favorite Korn song</saying>
+<saying who="thraxatron">it is though</saying>
+<saying who="abba">:P</saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">Kid Rock’s (All Summer Long) is also good.</saying>
+<saying who="thraxatron">also i really like 99 luft balloons</saying>
+<saying who="thraxatron">by Goldfinger</saying>
+<saying who="abba">Dancing queen by Wing</saying>
+<saying who="abba"></saying>
+<saying who="rindolf">thraxatron: heh.</saying>
+<saying who="abba">i have no idea why i listened to that whole thing, i&#39;m never going to get that time of my life back</saying>
+<saying who="thraxatron">holy shit all summer long is five years old</saying>
+<saying who="thraxatron">what am i doing with my life</saying>
+<saying who="dean0">beach boys title of the same is much older.... :(</saying>
+<saying who="dean0">...fortunately I&#39;m not quite that old</saying>
+<me_is who="abba">mourns for his youth</me_is>
+<saying who="abba">Me neither, but I did like the Beach Boys a lot as a child</saying>
+<saying who="dean0">yah me too</saying>
+            </body>
+            <info>
+                <channel>#reddit</channel>
+                <network>Freenode</network>
+                <tagline>Do the song of life</tagline>
+            </info>
+        </irc>
+    </fortune>