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+* Style the section navigation menus better.
+    News:
+    -----
+    * The books' recommendations.
 * Move the Software Construction Tools from vipe to t2.
 * Put more meaningful descriptions in the place holders for all the
-* Link to the books recommendations from the main site.
-    - mention it in the news.
-    - convert to the Associate Program.
 * Add a nice news items summary news box at the top with the site news. 
   Also create an RSS feed for them.
 * Fix the link to the /-URL bug that causes links to seem unavailable.
-* Create a nice style for the <dl class="contact"> on t2/me/contact-me/
 * Link the Hebrew Errors Page to the main one.
 * Add the puzzles I found in my drawer to the site.
 * Revamp the Math-Ventures site and re-write the formulae in TeX, MathML