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 suite that includes a browser, and an email application.
-<a href="">Konqueror</a> - an open-source 
-web-browser for the UNIXes' <a href="">KDE</a> environment. 
-Very convenient and integrated well into KDE.
-<a href="">Safari</a> - a browser based on
-Konqueror's KHTML engine for Mac OS X.
+<a href="">Safari</a> - a browser by Apple
+(with <a href="$(ROOT)/open-source/anti/apple/">all the warnings regarding
+Apple</a> based on the open-source <a href="">WebKit 
+engine</a> that was derived from the now under-maintained KHTML engine by
+the KDE project. Safari itself is not open-source and only runs on Mac OS X
+and Windows.
 <a href="">Opera</a> - a very configurable and fast
 cross-platform browser. (Not open-source and binary only, though).
+<a href="">Google Chromium/Chrome</a> - an
+open-source browser from Google based on WebKit and many other open-source
+projects (which
+<a href="">some 
+developers complained about Google forking frequently</a>). Has an 
+<a href="">unusual 
+and non-standard UI</a>, which some people love and some people hate. Also
+may report a lot of information about one's browsing habits to Google by
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