Shlomi Fish avatar Shlomi Fish committed ac57d90

[Site-map] Made more comprehensive.

It now covers all the pages.

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 $filename =~ s!index\.html$!!;
 $filename = "/$filename";
-my $expanded_nav_bar = <get-var object_class />->new(
+use vars qw($shlomif_main_expanded_nav_bar);
+$shlomif_main_expanded_nav_bar = <get-var object_class />->new(
     'path_info' => $filename,
     'current_host' => "<latemp_default_val "<get-var latemp_server />" "$(LATEMP_SERVER)" />",
     MyNavData->generic_get_params({ fully_expanded => 1}),
     'no_leading_dot' => 1,
-my $rendered_results = $expanded_nav_bar->render();
+my $rendered_results = $shlomif_main_expanded_nav_bar->render();
 # use Data::Dumper; die Dumper($rendered_results);
 my $shlomif_nav_links = $rendered_results->{nav_links};


 <div class="sitemap">
 _wrap_as_utf8 (sub {
-print (map { "$_\n" } @{$nav_bar->gen_site_map()});
+print (map { "$_\n" } @{$shlomif_main_expanded_nav_bar->gen_site_map()});
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