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Now we're copying the tar.gz's of the fortunes without help from

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 RSYNC = rsync --progress --verbose --rsh=ssh
-upload_t2: $(T2_TARGETS)
+FORTUNES_DIR = humour/fortunes
+	cp -f t2/$(FORTUNES_DIR)/fortunes-shlomif-*.tar.gz $(T2_DEST)/$(FORTUNES_DIR)
+upload_t2: $(T2_TARGETS) copy_fortunes
 	( cd $(T2_DEST) && $(RSYNC) -r * $${HOMEPAGE_SSH_PATH}/ )
 upload_vipe: $(VIPE_TARGETS)
 	( cd $(VIPE_DEST) && $(RSYNC) -r * $${HOMEPAGE_SSH_PATH}/Vipe/ )
 # upload: upload_t2_temp upload_vipe_temp
-upload: upload_t2 upload_vipe_alt
+upload: upload_t2
+upload_all: upload_t2 upload_vipe_alt
 	rm -fr $(T2_DEST)/*
 * Add a nav-menu to the Puzzles section.
-* Fortunes:
-    - Make sure the *.tar.gz are installed by the makefile without help
-    from
 * Revamp - instead of a list of
 projects, show a list of categories.
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