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 What happens is that <tt>./Build</tt> copies the files under <tt>blib/</tt>
-, builds the documentation and in case we had 
+, builds the documentation, and in case we had 
 <a href="">XS (= "External Subroutine" - perl routines written in a low-level language)</a> it 
 would also build the extensions. This allows us to run tests against the
 built code, either automated or manual by using the 
 After we had ran <tt>./Build</tt>, we ran <tt>./Build test</tt> to run the
 automated tests that Module-Starter generated for us. As you can see
 the line says that all tests successful. If they were not, we should fix
-either the code or the tests depending on what is wrong. 
+either the code or the tests, depending on what is wrong.