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Add GSL.
Add Brain Bashers.
Add GMP.
Started adding the Statistical software.
Add the ApeironPhone fortune.
Add the CASes.
Add the spreadsheets.
Add the numerical software page.
Add more links.
Add the 99% fortune.
Add a link to the anti-Apple page.
Add the Slashdot "Internet Explorer is perfectly safe" fortune.
Re-arranged the order of the includes and tags to make over-riding easier.
Add the Elephant story to the essays section menu.
Add Elephant in the Circus.
Fixed a typo - thanks for pkrumins who pointed it out.
Add the Elephant in the Circus feature.
Add right rounded corners to the main layout.
[Blue Rabbit] Minor punctuation fix - ellipsis instead of a period.
[Blue Rabbit] Add the non-written Credits - Players at the Table scene.
Styled the graphics' designs a little better.
Finished converting to <my_image>.
Convert to hhfg-background.
Extracted another <my_image>.
Convert another image to <my_image>.
Started converting the art/ page to the my_image tag.
Add the Lambda-Calculus lecture's sources to the subvresion.
Removed the disqus comments.
HTML / CSS tweaks to get all the images aligned.
Add SOURCE and rendered.
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