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Add the new blog post.
Add more.
Add XML-G-ProductsSyndication.
[Pope] Cover page - fixed some grammatical problems.
Removed some trailing space.
[Minor] Broke a long line
Add more.
Converted the documents to the shorter documents.
[Blue-Rabbit] [Ideas] Convert to the briefer includes.
Refactored the template.wml into two include files.
[P4N5] Started adding more text to coding.html.
Add the "Three levels of learning" fortune.
Add another fortune - tail for the lions.
Add an XSLT stylesheet to the fortune files to display them as HTML. The XSLT stylesheet was copied from the corrected XML-Grammar-Fortune version, and contains some improvements to allow Firefox and Opera to digest it and use it properly.
Add another fortune.
Add another Chuck Norris Joke (from someone else) Chuck Norris wrote the English wikipedia in 24 hours.
[We-the-Living-Dead] Add some more text - Jake reading Katie's story.
Fixed a wrong word in "Introductory Language".
Add another fortune - from ##programming.
[Fortunes] Add the kit fortune with ruby_on_tails.
Trimmed the left nav menu.
[Look&Feel] Add the bottom links' at the bottom and styled them.
Fixed some typos.
Add the XML-Grammar page.
Add some more.
[Pope] Add more text.
[Pope] Hebrew fixes. Fixed "Not" to "Mamash Lo". Fixed "saw" to "witnessed".
[We-the-Living-Dead] Various fixes.
Changed "Maths" to the commonwealth spelling.
[We-the-Living-Dead] Converted dot-dot-dot to a Unicode ellipsis.
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