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Add another photo.
Change the style.
[Personal Home-site] Rephrased a sentence (thanks to Coldhak on IRC.)
Add another fortune.
[Pope] [Text] Add more of the text.
Add the new blog post.
Add more.
Add XML-G-ProductsSyndication.
[Pope] Cover page - fixed some grammatical problems.
Removed some trailing space.
[Minor] Broke a long line
Add more.
Converted the documents to the shorter documents.
[Blue-Rabbit] [Ideas] Convert to the briefer includes.
Refactored the template.wml into two include files.
[P4N5] Started adding more text to coding.html.
Add the "Three levels of learning" fortune.
Add another fortune - tail for the lions.
Add an XSLT stylesheet to the fortune files to display them as HTML.
Add another fortune.
Add another Chuck Norris Joke (from someone else)
[We-the-Living-Dead] Add some more text - Jake reading Katie's story.
Fixed a wrong word in "Introductory Language".
Add another fortune - from ##programming.
[Fortunes] Add the kit fortune with ruby_on_tails.
Trimmed the left nav menu.
[Look&Feel] Add the bottom links' at the bottom and styled them.
Fixed some typos.
Add the XML-Grammar page.
Add some more.
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