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Fixed the link to the Windows Vista image by putting it here.
Get rid of the title="" attribute for <div>'s in the DocBook/XMLs.
Minor changes.
Removed a link for which we already have a separate page.
Add libtap to the section nav menu.
Add libtap.
Add the xfce-set-virtual-workspaces script to the Open Source Bits and Bobs.
Add the "use Zaba" fortune.
Add the dependency to the makefile.
Case for Drug Legalisation - add the note about politicians support.
Convert case-for-drug-legalisation into DocBook 5 and rev2.
Disable the title="" attribute in sections.
Correct a missing end-tag in meta/FAQ/ - now the page validates.
Add svn:ignore to a generated file.
Removed the's because there's a common one.
Move the to a common place. About to delete the rest.
Create a new VimIface file.
Anonimised an IRC handle in a fortune.
Change the style of the ads.
Add the new sponsored ad.
Add Axiom.
Add an item to the TODO.
Add a Joel fortune.
Add Sage.
Add IDL.
Change MATLAB-like to Tensor-based.
Add the Luis-Mondesi vimrc.
Add the Hebrew Common Errors document.
Add the pre-Flickr photos of cats to the repository.
Got rid of hist-test.html.wml which confused the build-system.
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