Author Commit Message Date
Add more links to the pages against bad software.
Add more links.
Change the link in the ad per the client's request.
Add the szabgab "I don't know Perl" fortune.
Add the online-casinos-blue-book ad.
Correct a link to .
Changed the path of the XSL stylesheets.
Add more dependencies to the TODO.
Correct a typo.
Fix a broken link to geocities.
Fixed a typo in friends.xml and rebuilt for the <inlinedesc> to take effect.
Add a sanity check for not overwriting the fortunes archive. Now the version of the fortunes must be bumped explicitly before running ./bin/ again.
Fixed the tagline on two fortunes.
Add the Eclipsed fortune.
Add the CC-by-sa licence.
Added to the section navigation menu.
Preparation for release.
Add some new fortunes.
Add the revision numbers.
Fixed a typo and rephrased.
Removed the poker_star_ad from t2/humour/index.html.wml.
Add the news for the Black Hole Solitaire solver.
Update the Black Hole Solitaire page.
Add the Camila Ron sponsored ads.
Merge from the trunk HEAD. Now it's up-to-date.
Rephrased a sentence to make it clearer.
Add a custom 404 page. To use it from Apache see: .
Add keywords.
Removed trailing space.
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