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Add the Luis-Mondesi vimrc.
Add the Hebrew Common Errors document.
Add the pre-Flickr photos of cats to the repository.
Got rid of hist-test.html.wml which confused the build-system.
Add some files that were uploaded separately.
Add to the svn:ignore.
Add the Quad-Pres meta-Quad-Pres presentation.
Add the PostgreSQL Lecture.
Add the Adi Stav translation.
Add the Hebrew translation of the "Cathedral and the Bazaar".
Add the "Homesteading-the-Noosphere" hebrew translation.
Add the archive containing the Thermo material summary to the repos.
Normalised a link.
Add the n5-riddle.
Add the tt-proceedings version.
Added the subversion-for-pythoneeers Spork presentation.
Add the Vim-beginnners Spork presentation .
Add the Too-Many-Way spork presentation.
Add the Test-Run spork presentation.
Add the "Optimising Multi-Tasking in PDL" lecture.
Add the sources of the Graham-Function presentation to the build system. This is the first Spork presentation that we are building.
Add the link to XML-Grammar-Fiction.
Update the instructions.
Add items to the TODO.
Add a "link to the XML and plain-text files" to the TODO.
Corrected the title of the psychology section.
Add the software resources pages.
Add the new blog entry.
Bumped the version of the fortunes.
[Fortunes] Merged. Split into sharp-perl and sharp-programming.
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