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Add MANIFEST and Changes.
Revamp the HACKING.txt file.
Start adding the "How to Contribute to my Projects" section.
Add the "PHP: The Good Parts" joke to the anti-PHP page.
Add another paragraph.
Add another link to the Perfect IT Workplace resource.
Add a link to the anti-Apple page.
Correct a broken link.
Add Simon Tatham.
Add links to similar efforts to japanese-puzzle-games.
Add the Larry Wall fortune.
Add the two JS books side by side joke to the anti-JavaScript page.
Add a Chuck Norris factoid.
Add the new Chuck Norris factoid (about his inbox).
Add more empty lines.
Add the PHP Sadness link.
Add Leo to the editors and IDE page.
Add the Fedora Twitter/Facebook quote.
Add the sed and awk quote.
Add the #perl "deprecating" fortune.
Correct to "The English Wikipedia".
Correct "too" to "enough".
Add PHP: a Fractal of Bad Design.
Add the buying as much as one can afford.
Add the section about the subculture.
Start working on the third version of "Case for Drug Legalisation".
Forked the Case for Drug Legalisation.
Add the link to the sources.
Add another #perl fortune.
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