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Convert another image to <my_image>.
Started converting the art/ page to the my_image tag.
Add the Lambda-Calculus lecture's sources to the subvresion. We now depend on Text-VimColor's "text-vimcolor" executable to render the .scm's into HTML.
Removed the disqus comments.
HTML / CSS tweaks to get all the images aligned.
Add SOURCE and rendered.
[Blue Rabbit] Fixed some errors in the text.
Re-enable the button style.
Now displaying the section nav menus as tree-views. Merged from jquery-treeview-plugin-trial-conversion . This is courtesy of the jquery-treeview-plugin.
Fixed the bad background color in the treeview.
Now the section menu toggle button works again.
Start integrating the jquery.treeview plugin for the section nav-menus. It still isn't working perfectly, but we're getting there.
Branching the homepage into the jQuery Treeview Plugin trial conversion
Add the more Perl articles.
Removed an indentation.
Corrected some typos in the FAQ.
Revamped the computers' education essays section.
Add some sub-categories to the Essays -> Computers' category.
Announce version 0.0.2 of XML-Grammar-Fiction.
Add more text to the Blue Rabbit's Log: the scene in the Pub near the start.
Add the names of the characters.
Fixed a missing capitalisation.
Add the finish date.
Corrected the last updated version.
Add Mandriva to the FOSS contributions.
[Perfect Workplace] Went over a section and corrected some typos.
Add a section about weekly reports and keeping track of employees.
Correct a typo.
Add the new news item.
Minor: got rid of leading "./" in links.
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