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Add the English spelling.
Add another aphorism (The English spelling one) to the Aphorisms page.
Add the "APR" acronym to the portability-libs page.
Add the portability libraries redirect.
Add the reply alias.
Revised the reply-to-list.
Add Kate to the editors and IDEs list.
Add more links.
Add the editors and IDEs page to the section nav menu.
Started adding the open-source IDEs.
Add the link to
Started writing the editors and IDEs page.
Add two items to the TODO : "Escape from Autohell" and "Editors and IDE".
Create a new fortune version for the XML-Grammar-Fortune corrections.
Add the title for the blog entry.
Added svn:ignore to Mini-Intro
Add the Freecell Solver project intro summary.
Add the Welcome-to-Linux Mini-Intro presentation.
Add svn:ignore to Blitz
Add the Blitz presentation.
Add the new blog/news item.
Correct a typo.
Add the 5^n riddle to the site's flow control.
Add the Freshmeat link.
Fix the initial comment in the news item that ruined the markup.
Separated the fortunes files into their own makefiles. This way we don't need to run ./ every time we add a new fortune archive.
Add the Black Hole Solitaire Solver to the navigation menu.
Added the "Black Hole" solitaire solver.
Fixed a typo in a fortune (double "is") courtesy of an E-mail correspondent.
Fix some typos (thanks to someone on E-mail).
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