Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
[P4N5] Changed from CC-PD to CC-Zero.
[Create-a-Personal-Home-Site] Add another photo.
[Create a Great Homesite] Added the cat walk image for atomsphere. Added a style for this image.
Add an atmosphere image to the page.
[Create-Great-Home-site] Fixed some typos in the article.
Fixed some problems in the Humour collection.
Add another short URL - "closed-books".
Add more to the stories list.
Extracted lib/stories/stories-list.wml with its own tag - in two places. This is a list of stories that are now maintained together.
Add some spacing.
[Stories] Extracted the <humour_story> link from everywhere.
[WML] [Stories] <humour_link /> - from two other places and fixed markup. Extracted it from two other places and fixed some broken markup - missing end tags, etc.
[WML] Extracted a macro from many places.
[WML] Stories: extracted a macro from too other places.
Add another idea to the Blue Rabbit's screenplay.
Added another idea.
[P4N5] Add more to the part about Module-Starter / Module-Build.
Add more.
Corrected some typos in The Blue Rabbit's Log.
Add another fortune.
Add more text.
Add the section about running Build.PL.
[P4N5] Fixed some typos and phrasing problems.
Add the color to the right arrows in the breadcrumbs' trail.
Fixed the visited vs. unvisited links colours in the breadcrumbs trail. Previously, their colours were confused. Thanks to for pointing it out.
Styled the Breadcrumbs' trail in the new style better.
Add more stuff to "The Pope Died on Sunday".
Add an idea and an intro the the Blue Rabbit log. Thanks to Zuu.
Add more.
Fixed a broken link in Case-for-file-swapping. Thanks to .
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